Watch Out For the Waves

Two weeks ago, the husband and I decided to take Baby to the beach for the first time. We’d taken her to the pool pretty frequently since we’d moved to California but had not yet found our way to the sunny Pacific shores. So we pack up our things, our baby and the grandma and headed over to Santa Monica.

Everything was going great. Baby loved the sunshine and all the people. After an hour of eating and lounging, we felt it was time to dip our toes into the water, so we made our way down to the water’s edge and dipped our toes in. COLD!! This was not the warm Florida waters that I was used to. Okay, I thought, so maybe we won’t be swimming today, but I can at least acclimate Baby to salt water that also happens to move. So I pick up Baby and put her in a superman pose over the water. It’s perfect, she can see the water and almost touch it as it ebbs and flows beneath her, but she doesn’t have to be in the cold water. As I’m doing this, the husband calls my name and tells us to wave, since he’s taking pictures. I ignore him since I’m trying to make sure Baby doesn’t drop in the water and not even 10 seconds later, I find both of us plastered with a huge wave. I scream out of pure shock, Baby starts crying because now she’s covered in water and it’s cold to boot. And for the cherry on the cake, all the beachgoers on shore were watching us (no doubt because Baby is just so darn cute) and broke into laughter at my Mom Fail. Turned out, when I thought hubby was asking us to “wave”, he was really warning us of “waves”. Sigh.

Well, lessons were learned and I think we’re both ready to get back out there and try again.

Baby and I before my Mom Fail
Catching some rays at the beach

**Now before you go thinking I was close to drowning my child, let me say that we weren’t deep into the water. When the tide came up , it was only up to my ankles, if that.

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