Product Review: In-Bed Co-Sleeper

When I started this blog, I knew I’d end up doing some product reviews. I mean, what good is a mom blog without product reviews!? Two months later, I finally got around to it! My first review is going to be one of the first products I used after Baby was born: an in-bed co-sleeper. Full disclosure: there are affiliate links to on this page.

You may recall in my bedsharing post that the husband and I disagreed on whether to bedshare, and bedsharing won out. We decided on the Snuggle Nest Surround by Baby Delights.

We chose this product because it was the only one we saw at that time that actually was designed to lay in the bed.

The Details

The sides are made of mesh so that if your baby rolls into them during the night, she won’t smother herself (Baby did, however, get a big imprint on her face that almost gave me a heart attack the first time it happened. I thought it was an allergic rash!) The top and bottom portion are more rigid with a plastic liner, which meant that if me or the husband rolled toward Baby in our sleep, we’d be rolling on top a hard piece of plastic before we got close to her. At the head of the co-sleeper there’s a little panel which contains two buttons and a light. One of the buttons plays lullabies while the other plays heartbeat sounds (soothing for both baby and sleep-deprived parents). The bedding portion itself is plastic with a fabric cover and there’s a removable insert that goes below the the bedding which is meant to elevate your baby’s head while they sleep.  For travels, the sleeper folds in half and a velcro strap keeps it closed.

The Good

Again, I can’t stress how great it was to be able to have Baby in the same bed. Having her in between the husband and I made it easy for either of us to attend to her needs. It also didn’t take up space on the side of the bed, so our small room was able to stay un-cluttered. The in-unit light was great for middle of the night wake ups. Unlike our room lights, it wasn’t so bright that it woke everyone in the room up. We used the light to help us look for that tell-tale blue line on Baby’s diaper or to look for her pacifier. The heartbeat tones, as I mentioned above, was great white noise and with Baby being only a few days old, I felt that it helped with the transition from the womb.


The Bad

While the light was a great help, it’s placement made it super easy for Baby to turn on by herself. She has super strong legs and would kick herself up into the top of the co-sleeper, turning on the light with her head. The same was true for the music and heart sounds. We also found that with a full-sized bed, there was simply not enough room for all of us to sleep. In our queen-sized bed we had a little more room, but more often than not, we had to sleep on our sides to really get comfortable. The incline that goes under the bedding would cause Baby to roll into the side, so we ended up removing that insert after the first night. And lastly, the small size of the co-sleeper means that you get limited use from this. Baby was in the 95% percentile for length at birth, so within a month she was filling the bed completely.

The Take Away

For those parents who want to ease into bedsharing, this in-bed co-sleeper is great. In those first days, it’s extremely important that you keep your baby’s immediate sleeping area free from smother hazards and this product helps to keep your baby in a safe cocoon. However, it’s not for families with a small bed and want both parents to sleep in that bed.

** In doing my research for this article, I found out that this product may be phased out by the company. However, they have a very similar product, the Snuggle Nest Surround XL.

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