Product Review: Baby Tub

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Every new parent ends up with a cute little baby tub, whether they picked it out themselves or they got it during a baby shower. This simple piece of plastic turns a daunting task (don’t let the baby drown!!) into a manageable one. But like any baby product, the choices are endless. Some baby tubs are simple, while other are, a little over the top. I had initially been suckered into wanting a tub with cool features, adding to my baby registry a tub that had grips so baby didn’t slide and that changed colors letting you know whether the water was too hot. It wasn’t until I received a different tub at my baby shower AND used it that I realized how unnecessary all those things were. As far as the color changes, you’ll know whether the water is too hot just by putting your hand in there. (Huh, imagine that.) And the grippers would have made things a little more challenging to manipulate a floppy newborn. But this article isn’t about the tub I thought I wanted, it’s about the tub I actually got. Turns out, it was perfect for a new parent.

The Details

Manufactured by Fisher Price, this baby tub has major brand name recognition. It consists of sturdy blue basin with a plastic stopper allowing for easy draining of the tub. Also in the packaging is a newborn sling, a plastic strainer and cup (both in the shape of animals) and apparently a plastic stopper to keep you infant’s butt from sliding to far down when they’ve outgrown the sling. On the top of the tub is a hook that you can use to hang up the tub for drying and storage.

The Good

According to some quick searches, it appears to be affordable in the $20-$40 price range. I got it as a gift though, so it was very affordable for me at the low, low price of $0 and 2 hugs.

The first thing I noticed about the tub was how light it was. Super helpful for a sleep-deprived mom, wrangling a yogurt-covered infant in one hand and trying to position the bathtub with the other before aforemention yogurt splattered on even more surfaces.

The newborn mesh sling was very well designed. It made it super easy to clean baby’s back as your fingers could just slide between her skin and the mesh in order to soap her up and water could easily seep through the material and rinse away the suds; no tossing and turning Baby to get underneath her for the rinse cycle. The sling also meant that she wasn’t laying against hard plastic, at first, and her skin wasn’t sticking to it. (Once she got older, she did have to lay against the plastic, but at that point she was beginning to sit up so I honestly don’t think she cared much.) Lastly, the sling meant she wasn’t slip sliding away. It cozily held her in the water despite all her kicking and wiggling; it was like having an extra pair of hands.

Having a plug in the bottom of the tub was such a great feature. I don’t know if they come with every baby tub, but if not, they should. Before our big move, we had a large bathroom counter, so we’d put the tub on the counter, fill up the tub and bathe Baby. At the end of bath time, one of us would take Baby to dry off and the other would simply scoot the tub over to the sink and pop the cork. Much better than having to flip a heavy container of water and pour it into the sink or tub. Once we moved, we didn’t have the a large enough counter to use so we ended up just putting the baby tub inside our regular tub, which was killer on the back but that’s no fault of this baby tub.

The hook was awesome too. We always hung up the tub after bath time to get it off the floor and out of the way. Since it was able to air dry, we never had an issue with mold or mildew. The only “problem” was that we’d get little water rings at the foot of the tub where the last bits of water would pool up as the tub dried, but they rinsed away with the next bath so it wasn’t anything I’d complain about.

I really enjoyed this tub. We used it all the way until she was 8 months when my mammoth-of-a-baby outgrew it. That was a bittersweet day for sure.

The Bad

Remember up in the details when I mentioned a stopper to keep the baby from sliding? Yea, that didn’t come in our package. Not sure why but it was no where to be found. No love lost though, I never knew what I was missing until I began to write this product review. (“Well, shoot, that would have been helpful when we took out the sling!”) Apparently, they should do better quality checks when they send their products to the shelves. And no, I don’t think anyone lifted it from the package. What kind of person goes through stores stealing random baby butt stoppers?

The cups that came with tub were pretty much useless. I’m not really sure what the strainer was for. The husband suggested maybe it was for scooping poo out of the tub? I don’t know. Baby has never pooed during her bath times (KNOCK ON WOOD!) so I’m skeptical about that. Maybe it’s just a toy for babies to play with? Whatever the reasoning, it was a waste of plastic. The cup was helpful, at first, but it didn’t really hold a lot of water so I was constantly having to fill it back up with fresh water. (No I didn’t just use the water in the bottom of the tub! Why would you even suggest that? Baby peed in that water. I wasn’t going to wash her hair with pee water!) It wasn’t long before we just started using a plastic cup from the kitchen to rinse her off.

The size was a bit cumbersome at first. Prior to giving birth, I’d seen a lot of pictures of moms bathing their children in their kitchen sinks so I assumed I’d just stick my baby tub in the sink and be on my way, but that was not possible for me. There was no way that tub was fitting safely in the kitchen sink so that’s why we opted for the bathroom counter. The bathtub was somewhat stable on the counter — it wasn’t going to spontaneously tip over — but we were always on alert for an potential slippage due to water overflow.

Speaking of slippage, the tub didn’t have a non-skid bottom so it was a little too easy for the tub to move with Baby in it. Because of this, we always had two people present at all times when we were bathing Baby on the counter. One person, the spotter, kept a hand (or belly, arm or whatever body part was available) on the tub to prevent it from sliding off, and the other person got to do all the dirty work.

Finally there’s the shape of the tub. It’s designed so that only the part where Baby sits is touching a surface. When Baby is reclined in the tub, the parts of the tub where her back and head are resting do not touch the surface; it’s elevated in the air. We found out super quickly that this means the tub can and will tip if you put your baby in the tub without water in it. After a small tip occurrence, paranoid-me decided to have the spotter always stand at the head of the tub to make sure repeat tippings did not happen.

The Take Away

When it comes to baby tubs, you don’t need a ton of bells and whistles. You just need a comfortable and convenient place to lather up your baby. This may not have been the perfect tub but it hit all the realistic needs of first time parents who had no idea how to care for a baby. I’d recommend this product and I’d use it again in a heartbeat.

If you’d like to consider this product for your little one, you can find it on conveniently on Amazon.

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