Hello and Welcome!

I’m so glad you found your way to my website. If this is your first time here, let me take the time to introduce myself and my site.



My name is Angie. I became a mom on the ultimate Pi day (March 14, 2015) and have been wading my way through Dirty Diaper Swamp, Infant Squeal Orchestra, and Insomnia Caverns ever since. Prior to getting pregnant, I was pretty sure I wanted to be a mom, but I was still on the fence. My husband and I loved being a part of the Dual Income No Kids (or DINK, for short) community, but I didn’t want to grow old with any regrets over staying childless. In an ideal world, we would have traveled the world, paid off our student debts, and bought our perfect house before having children, but that would have taken several decades and as you may already know, female fertility doesn’t last forever. So in 2012, we started getting our ducks in a row in order to be ready to have a child.

Once we made the decision to become parents, I quickly realized that the idealized mom you see on the streets, on the internet forums, and even in the movies, was not the kind of mom I would end up being. I was not “born to be a mom”, I did not have maternal intuition, and I wasn’t keen on being a stay-at-home mom. I found myself struggling to define my parenting philosophy; I wanted to breastfeed, babywear and bedshare, but I didn’t want to give herbal remedies in lieu of traditional vaccines, and I definitely didn’t want to home school. I guess you could say I was  more of an entry-level attachment parent, or attachment-lite, if you will. The problem with not falling 100% into a parenting category, is that you don’t have a rule book to follow. You have to make your own rules as you go.

At the time of this writing I’m four months deep into this motherhood thing and while I’d like to say I’ve gotten a nice groove going, that would be a lie. I’m continuing to fail at being that perfect mother, but you know what? It’s okay. Babies don’t come with manuals and my child hasn’t died from a fire juggling accident yet, so I’d say I’m at least earning a passing grade.

The Site

Now that you know a little about me, let me explain the site’s purpose. Maybe you know everything there is to know about motherhood. You drive your kids to soccer practice and piano lessons, work a full time job, and cook all organic meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good for you. Seriously. You’re perfect in every way and sometimes I envy you. But this site is for everyone else. Those moms who go to bed at the end of the night shaking their heads because they accidentally used toothpaste instead of diaper rash cream. I wasn’t born knowing how to “mom” and maybe you can commiserate. I’m not an expert by any means and don’t claim to be one, but hopefully through this site, I can provide some education, insight or at the very least, some Sunday Morning laughs.